Florence – Perfect Proposal GOLD


Choose beautiful Florence as a location for a great surprise wedding proposal. We organize everything for you in detail, all in secret, with a romanticism of other times, the one that makes you dream.

Program of the event (duration 4 hours)

The event will last for around 4 hours and we will meet at the Spa specially selected by Love Planner. An evocative, enchanting and original place. The Love Pack includes the couple massage “Deep Tissue Massage” (), to be lived simultaneously and in the same cabin. To complete this ceremony, a moment of relaxation with a Dolce Vita cocktail served together with a red heart-shaped box, she opens it and finds the engagement ring very enlightened. Nothing more romantic. (The red heart-shaped box will be provided by us, we only ask to deliver the ring upon arrival at the Spa, away from the eyes of the future girlfriend).

Every single detail has been taken care of with passion to arouse sweet emotions in you. You just have to think about enjoying the moment. Finally, consider that your Love Planner will be available throughout your stay for any eventual request.

If this package does not satisfy you or you want to change some of its elements, create your Love Pack by clicking here!